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"Alright, Mr. History, let’s see who you really are,” Stiles mumbled to himself as his computer started up, rubbing his hands together diabolically. 

Stiles had expected to see a heavily pregnant woman standing by the desk when he walked into his Civics class that morning, but instead of Mrs. Mills, there was a tall, muscled man in her place. Everyone had stared at him as they entered the classroom, all probably wondering the same thing. Mr. Hale, as he introduced himself (first name ‘Derek’ as stated by his name plate on the desk), told them that Mrs. Mills had gone into labor early, yesterday. So, he was going to be their teacher for the semester, or until they could find someone else.

Whispers had erupted in the school hallways, ‘Derek Hale’ getting passed around more often than not, and Stiles had to say he was more than curious. What did they all know that he didn’t?

He pulled up Beacon Hill’s webpage and typed in Derek’s name, eyes narrowing in curiosity. 

Surprisingly, many results came up. A few talked  about a fire that had happened over ten years ago were the first to come up, being from the local papers. But even more surprising were some review websites that showed up after.

Entertainment had a link up on the first page of results, so Stiles eagerly clicked on it. 

Derek Hale Turns Away Pilot

Child TV star, Derek Hale, has recently announced to the press that he chose to turn down a lead role offered to him for the new series, Teen Wolf, that plans to start production in August 2012. 

"I’m taking a break," he told E! during the press release. “I need to spend some time with family.” He didn’t answer any further questioning.

True, Derek was only in the recently completed series 7th Heaven, but producers and directors across the country have admired him for his acting abilities and expressed interest in working with him.

"It’s a shame to not get to work with him," writer of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, confesses. “But family is important, and I commend him for sticking to that.”

Shelly Hines- June 2012

Stiles’ eyes widened in shock. So, the illustrious Derek Hale is a child actor? It shouldn’t have surprised him all that much, really, considering Beacon Hills was only a day’s drive away from LA. 

The article had been dated in June, which was only a few months ago. How long had Mr. Hale been back home, then, Stiles wondered. 

Bellow the article was a clip from the last season of 7th Heaven, and Stiles clicked eagerly on the YouTube link, enlarging the screen.

Seeing his teacher shirtless was not what he expected to be greeted with. His mouth went dry, and his mind was screaming at him about how wrong it was. Students shouldn’t look at their teachers this way! It’s an invasion of privacy!

Yeah, but those abs

A knocking sounded at Stiles’ bedroom door and he flailed, almost knocking over his desk chair in the process. He quickly paused the video, Mr. Hale’s gorgeous chest and stubble-less face staring straight back at him. He swallowed quickly.

The knocking on his door increased.

Stiles shut the laptop quickly and hesitated only for a second before standing and opening up the door. Scott entered, slinging his backpack off of his shoulders and tossing it onto the bed.

"What took you so long?" he asked, a brow quirked in amusement.

"N-nothing," Stiles responded, closing the door. "What’s up?"

Scott held up his phone. “Allison called. Invited us to come with her, Lydia, Jackson, and Danny to the fair tonight. You in?”

Stiles shrugged. “I don’t know, dude. All you couples together, I’ll feel like a third wheel.”

"Nu-uh, Danny will be there. He’s not in a relationship!"

Stiles gave Scott a bitch-face. “Danny doesn’t like me very much.”

Scott turned on the puppy-dog eyes. “Please, Stiles? I need a ride, and it’ll be a lot more fun if you come! Plus, I hear a few of our teachers are helping to run the booths. Don’t you want a chance to throw a pie at Harris? Or dunk Hale into the tank?”

Derek Hale in wet clothes…

Stiles sighed. “Fine. I’m in.”

Scott cheered, but Stiles just gave him a weak smile. This was certainly going to be interesting, he decided. 

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