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haleshowling asked:

sterek 16 and 31 (maybe one of them is a spoiled brat or something? i need it haha)


Just going to do 31 because it wil be LONG if I do both ;D (I just kind of ran away with this, hope you like it!)

31. Celebrities AU 

Excerpt from PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Stiles Stilinski, the darling of Beacon Hills, has gone from stand-in roles to being the main man on the screen. Stilinski landed the lead role of the newest trilogy book-to-movie adaptation called Alpha, an enthralling supernatural tale about a inexperienced young Druid and a temperamental Alpha werewolf teaming up together to save their families who were captured by the evil Hunters of the North. Action, drama, angst, and even romance can be found throughout the film, but the heart and soul Stilinski brings into his character really sells the story, and not to mention his deliriously handsome co-star, the Alpha himself, Derek Hale.

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Special Delivery


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Derek really likes pizza, and the pizza boy really likes Derek. It’s a win-win.

Words: 1564, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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