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The One with Ross's Tan


“Stiles, open the door!” Derek calls from the hallway.

“No!” Stiles yells back. He can’t see Derek right now, or ever to be honest.

“Scott told me what happened,” Derek says next. “Come on, just let me see.”

“You’re gonna laugh at me!” Derek’s a good boyfriend but he’s not impervious to humour and this is just the kinda thing that’d slay him.

“Stiles,” Derek huffs impatiently. “Would you just open the door please? I promise I won’t laugh.”

Stiles heaves a put-upon sigh and hauls himself off the couch. He cracks the door open just enough so Derek can see his face. To his credit, Derek tries extremely hard to keep a straight face but Stiles can see his lips twitching.

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Murder, He Wrote by mklutz {}

Stiles can’t help but trace the line from Derek’s broad shoulders to his waist as he walks away. Derek Hale was five-odd years older than Stiles, gorgeous and soft-voiced and totally out of Stiles’ league. Frankly, he was probably out of everyone’s league. What Derek was doing working as a deputy in a small town was something of a mystery.

“You going to gawp at my deputy all day or are you going to inappropriately tag along on a police investigation?” his dad asks, tapping him on the back of the head.

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