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i feel like i’d enjoy being an assassin if it didn’t involve killing people

what if instead of killing people you got hired to just ruin their day.  like the mafia or someone paid you to park behind someone’s car so they can’t back out of a spot when they’re in a rush in the morning and you make them late for work.

i would enjoy that immensely

there is a long list of people that i would gladly do that to without payment


Anonymous asked:

You actually motivated me to get fit as well but mostly because i saw how nice it can make a butt look and i promise I'll keep aiming for a nice booty thank you


I will tell u the secret to a nice butt ok ok here it is

LUNGES lunge when you’re doing nothing lunge when you’re waiting for your food in the microwave lunge while you’re texting lunge with weights lunge uphill lunge in the mall while everybody stares at you like you’re weird

this is the secret to FIRM ASS

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